The Most Classic Hiring Mistake

It is one of the most discussed questions when it comes to hiring strategies: Is experience a good or bad thing? What is the best person to hire in general, OR, what is the best profile to hire?

If you as a business leader experience that your business is going down and in order to improve the situation you have to change not too many but some very

essential ones. And in order to make that happen you also know that you have to replace some people, or to add the organization by a few people. Which kind of people people would like to hire? Would it be someone from the competition, who has a lot of experience in not only the business you are in but also with a lot of experience in the way you did your business in the past?

There is a rule very often used in the personal training & development when it comes to changing personal behavior and habits: “If you continue to do what you have been doing in the past, then you will continue receiving what you have received in the past”. Following this logic then the decision is very easy: Do not hire a person with a long lasting experience in the same industry coming from a similar kind of company or even a competitor.

Why is that? I think the answer is easy. Experience has been gained in a certain situation within a certain environment and requiring certain decisions and actions. It will never the exact situation coming again in the future. So what one has experienced is absolutely unique and will remain as such. One can of course take away some learnings and build some measures in order to define objectives. Also you can gain some overlaying skills and experiences such as project management and negotiation skills.

Finally, experience is history. All what you won or gained yesterday, was yesterday. Today it’s another game, a new game. If people lose characteristics like agility, ability to execute, creativity, flexibility, willingness to succeed and a few more of those soft skills then the success can’t be repeated.

Change requires change that starts within our minds!

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