The importance of hiring for Account Planning!

I’m a very curious guy. Since years I’ve registered myself to different newsletters covering many topics around economy, trends and careers. So I’m receiving lots of newsletters on economical, political, social and career topics aiming to have a better understanding of the things going on in the world. Eventhough I’m a strong believer of the thesis „Don’t believe everything you see“ I trust that we’ll be able to figure out some conclusions out of the daily infomation wave. As a strategic thinking sales person I’ve tried better understand what kind of customer in what country could be approached with whatever meaningful sales pitch in order to increase the hit ratio of customer attempts. This is, by the way, a good preperation for every sales person independant from looking after new or exisiting customers. But this is a topic that I’ll cover in another post.

With regards to the career section I didn’t aim to look and apply constantly for new jobs even though I’ve had a few. No, I was using that information for my daily business. If a company was hiring this would allow me to get some indication on a change within that organization. Whether it was for a change or an expansion or an opening of a new business unit. A change in something is usually a good thing to happen. Despite others the one I find highly interesting is that it the best reasons to catch up again with people.  in order to figure out whether or not you could be of service for them or identify completely new business potential. However, finally it indicates something and it’s up to everyones creativity to make the best use of that information but PLEASE USE IT!

But I’ve experienced some changes in the behaviour of companies and also Headhunters. Obviously companies today are looking for people just for the reason of filling their pipes with good profiles in order to be able to contact them in the case of a need. In one way this is a kind of pretending permanently a good economical situation. For someone hoping to be able indicating something for his business out of the hiring behaviour of companies it became more difficult to predict anything reliable. For Account Managers the situation is getting more difficult, more complex. It is extremely important to understand the impact of this behaviour for the development of a proper account planning. Despite the danger of getting misled every day by competitors and the customers themselves this is a new obstacle on the way to increase the business with your clients and prospects. The importance of double checking information is increasing tremendoulsy. It’s one more tessera to put in right for getting the full picture.

If there is one planning in sales which is really important than it is Account planning. I’m not a big fan of extensive number crunching and all the funny forecasting rubbish. BUT, the one thing each and every Account Manager has to know is HIS/HER CUSTOMERS! There is no excuse not knowing about „what drives the customer“.

The other angle to look at this is to get an overall view of the eceonomy in a country in general or of a certain industry within a country. If companies increase their hiring activities it has been usually a sign for an improving economical situation. If the business is going better companies do need good and well qualified people. This was the case for many decades and in principle most likely this won’t change in the future.

The other perspective is a very frustrating situation for applicants expecting to be part of a serious hiring process but then finding themselves just to be a subject of a Human Resources acquisition activity.

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