I’ve been wandering around the IT industry in various roles and looking after different disciplines of the IT value chain for more than 25 years. I’ve worked with many companies of all sizes, met so many people and experienced so many things. I made lots of mistakes but had enormous learnings from those. Life lessons learning plus some theoretical background plus reasonable observation skills and finally the ability to objectively judge is what I try to apply while developing solutions for my clients. Understanding the requirements and translating those into solutions by facilitating the conversation of the involved people!
Often I feel like being the most curious person in the world. I’ve experienced all the excitement but also all the downsides of my curiosity. And I’m still doing. Digging into the problems intrigued by the ambition to IMPROVE: Experiencing, reflecting, analysing, innovating and creating solutions for human beings and companies is what I do!
I believe in human beings more than I believe in technology. Technology is only the result of human beings work. Hence, I’m convinced that human beings need to be treated ‘better’ than the technology. Relationships between human beings are the CORE for what we’re doing and creating on this planet. The healthier our relationships, the better and more successful we become! However success is defined, whether in business or private life! One aspect of relationships is Communication. Communication determines a major part of the quality of a relationship. The better we ensure that others understand what we want them to understand, the better we collaborate and cooperate. Having said that, Communication needs to be honest, open, appreciative and respectful. Finally, the more successful we are. I really believe in that!
I’m a social media addict. I love to write and to post it. Also, I’m a big fan of good quotes and like to recite those quotes. But only if they’re REALLY GOOD! And retweeting! My goodness I find so much interesting stuff which I retweet all the time. But it has to be in a context that I stand for or that I’m really interested in. My main interests are Innovation, Leadership, Change, Agile, Lean, Communication, Strategy, Culture, Human Beings and Skiing. Skiing because that is the only time when I’m not thinking at all as I do have to focus so intense. For me, Skiing is the greatest way to recreate!
I don’t think we have to accept and take everything that’s called an INNOVATION. However, meaningful innovation is highly important and helpful in its result. The best results are usually achieved by collecting and digesting the thoughts and ideas of as many people as possible. THE COLLECTIVE BRAIN! For many people and organisations this way of working requires a huge Change in Mind and Culture. But only with that it’s possible to Change and Improve and to have a better culture, better people and better systems. I love helping them to getting there.
The term is quite stressed but finally I like to live and work the “Agile” way. There can be so much overhead in our daily lives and I’m really keen to get rid of it, to focus on what’s important and necessary. Yes, I’d like to drive a fast car but would I live for it? Probably, but then it is so important to me that i do without other stuff.
That’s my mission!

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