Creeping Change

Diagram depicting subconscious brain activity

Diagram depicting subconscious brain activity (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


There is a process in Change that could be called ‚Creeping Change‘. Those Changes we’re not recognizing at all or only unconsciously. And many of them are happening throughout our Life! These processes will Change our behavior, our appreciation of things and the way we create our lives in a very slow moving

fashion. The triggers for those processes are being initiated in our environment whereas environment in this case is defined as ‚People surrounding Us‘, ‚Development happening around Us‘ and ‚Information we allow to get into our Minds‘. And it might come up the idea in us that we are not able to ‚steer‘ or ‚control‘ those things. But clearly, this is a misconception!

However, I’m not saying that it is an easy thing to do to stay in control of these changes or the ones that are about to happen with us. I’m only saying that ‚There Is a way‘ to remain in control of our behavior and our appreciation of values. Let’s take an example:

Usually our parents did breed us with some level of expectation regarding our behavior in general, the way we behave vis-à-vis other people, what we’re going to be and to achieve in our lives and the people we’re surrounding ourselves with. In some cases the expectation will be met as close as possible but in many cases it won’t. At least, in some point of the overall ‚Breeding Process‘ conflicts occur. When it comes to a behavioral difference, us behaving different then the expectation of our parents, the Kids are often being blamed for being with the wrong people. Let’s agree that those people are not necessarily wrong but different – although that in some cases they’re really the wrong ones. However, as those people have been breeding by their parents to achieve different objectives, to behave differently and to value different values we will get influenced by their life concept, their minds and opinions. As well as it is the other way around. Nothing wrong with that in general but we have to be cautious. The tricky thing is that it takes a while until we are recognizing that we have changed our thoughts, mind and opinions, at least slightly. Usually our parents in this example ‚do realize‘ or ‚do believe to have realized‘ that we’re not any longer in-line with what they taught us. Important here is the fact that it takes usually longer for ourselves to realize the Change than it takes for others to realize and recognize it. Hence, one very appropriate assumption is that Others – people around us – do think more carefully about ‚Us’ than we do it ourselves!

A conclusion out of this phenomenon is that we’re allowing ourselves to ‚consciously‘ let the ‚Subconscious‘ take over the control of our life. Well, out of psychological science and research we know in the meantime that the ‚Subconscious’ is what rules our life tremendously anyway – there are different percentages being discussed which I won’t argue here. Most importantly we have to conceive that this is the case! Hence, it would be extremely important to somehow ensure that the ‚Subconscious‘ is being under control as best as possible. But how to achieve that?

Well, it is also being confirmed out of multiple studies, researches and experiments that the only way to get in control of our ‚Subconscious’ is to work on the ‚Consciousness’. What that means is, we have to get access to what we think and we have to automate that thinking in order to make it ‚Permanently Present‘. Only when a thought is permanently present it become part of our ‚Subconscious‘. It’s a bit like exercising a certain sport! The more we exercise the same, the more automated our ability becomes to do it good! It goes even so far that we would not have to think about what we’re doing in that particular moment. It just comes and goes well. Sure, physically we might be in different conditions sometimes but this is another phenomenon.

What is the process we have to go through in order to achieve that? The process to getting there could look like this:

1. Be clear with what you would like to achieve!

This is fundamental! Whether you’d like to get married with 25, or you would like to become the best Skier in town, or you’d want to be the No 1 Sales Person this Fiscal Year: Make sure you’re absolutely aware of what you’d like to achieve! Check and cross-check your objectives. You don’t need to think about the way you want to achieve it at this point in time, think only about the objective itself.

2. Feel your Dream!

You do not just to have the intention to achieve your goal, you have to feel it and to see it. Even more, you have to fully sense how it feels when you have achieved your goal! You have to see it in front of you, you have to smell it, you have to taste it, you have to hear it, you have to feel it! Make sure you live the situation as it will be already before it becomes real. This is the only way to ‘Achieve Something’ that you ‚Really Want’. To get there you ideally use mental techniques like Meditation or Mental Training to get there easier. Practicing those techniques will also have a nice side-effect: You’ll get more balanced in general. In order to ‚Manifest‘ this, you have to repeat that.

3. Execution!

Start doing something that relates to your objective. If you want to be the “Sales Person of the Year” start working on it. Think about which customers might be the best ones to call and then call them! If you want to be the best Skier, start skiing – whether it is with an instructor or not – start doing it. If you want to be married with 25, start talking to potentially appropriate partners.

4. Release!

Don’t think too much about the way you have to go in order to achieve your objective, you rather keep walking. The way you have to go in order to arrive at your objective is not the subject! The way you will be shown while walking. The bigger and stronger your objective is, the fixer it is manifested in your ‚Subconscious‘ the less interesting the way becomes.

5. Provide Value!

Whatever objective you have set for yourself, don’t forget the other people. Do whatever you think or do in a positive way. There is no need to trying to get rich while making other people poor or to harm them. Oppositely, try to help other people achieving their objectives as long as they have been created in positive sense, too. Try to create and maintain a positive mind with yourself and express it – that doesn’t mean that you will tell everybody your objectives. Just act as positive as you think, help people and contribute positive value to the community, behave positively in and towards your environment. That will strengthen your ambition and clear up the way to accomplishment.

Finally, what does that mean for the “Creeping Change”? What I’m talking about here is to make your daily behavior, the way you’re taking decisions, how you’re treating your surrounding and your environment and consequently, how you treat yourself, more conscious. Some people could say it’s a kind of ‚Seeking the Sense of Life‘ exercise and ultimately it has to do something with it. We all have only this one life and wouldn’t it enormously satisfying when you’re in-line with yourself, with the people around you, with the environment you’re living in? Wouldn’t it be great to be able to explain your parents that their values are not exactly the ones you have chosen for yourself – because of GOOD reasons?

If necessary forgive your parents for them expecting you to do the same things that they did or do. They might not have known it better then they knew. Usually human beings do what they do on their best knowledge, with their best possibilities and capabilities. So probably our parents simply didn’t know better, didn’t know what we know today. But respecting that and respecting the outcome out of that is so important. The more conscious we live, the more satisfaction we’ll have for us and the more we will be able to help others to achieve and to get satisfied!


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