4 Ways to Discover Your Strengths

We all know that question from job interviews. “What would you name your strengths!” And I’m pretty sure that for most of us this is one of the most difficult ones (aside the one asking our weaknesses). Otherwise, knowing about your strengths is not only important to answer correctly according to the job you’re applying for, it’s so important to make yourself aware of your true strengths. Not the ones you would like to have but the ones you have in real. The problem with

self-assessing capabilities, motivations and real objectives is that we tend to mix up dreams and wishes with reality. One of the most promising supporting tools we could use to minimize the risk of mixing up (we never can completely avoid it) is to have a set of questions enriched with exemplified use cases in order to make transparent what can happen if you answer so or so. Usually you also get some guidance how to prepare your mind in the moment you answer the appropriate question.

In case you want to really start discovering your strength it could be good to start with this. You also get the link to the  “Authentic Happiness Testing Center” of the University of Pennsylvania with access to a number of Emotion, Engagement and Meaning Questionnaires to find out more about your emotional condition.

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